Lubeta Limited provides a wide range of Supplies in the Country.
STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES: Safety requirements for stationery products have been strengthened worldwide. Lubeta Limited offers a full range of stationery and office supply services to ensure that your products are of the highest standard and comply with regulations wherever in the world you wish to bring them to market.
These Include the following products:
Pens, Pencils and Writing
Graphite’s, Crayons and Paint
Paper, Cards, Pads, Books and Forms
Envelopes and Bags
Postage Material and Packaging
Binders, Report Covers and Indexes
Folders, File Folder Cases
Adhesives and Tapes
Furniture and Desktop Accessories
Supply of building and construction. These include Building Sand, Ballast (Aggregate), Quarry Dust and Quarry chips as well as Hardcore, Red soil, Murram etc